Nordic Microscopy Society is affiliated with European Microscopy Society (EMS) and International Federation of Societies for Microscopy (IFSM)

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Membership fees

The annual membership fee is 27 euros for individual members and 270 euros for company members.

Apply for membership

The Nordic Microscopy Society membership is valid for a calendar year ie. the membership is valid until 31st December regardless of the date when the membership for that year was bought.

To pay the membership, first either create an account or login to an existing account at My Account page (see Privacy Policy to read how we process your data). Then select a membership you wish to pay in the Membership online shop. The shop includes three types of products:

  1. Individual membership: All individual members register their membership using Individual membership product.
  2. Company membership: All company members register using a Company membership product. Include company’s contact person’s information (name, email address) as company’s contact details. After the membership is processed, the Information Officer of the society will contact the company’s contact person to include information on the website as listed in Membership benefits.
  3. Membership voucher: This product can be used to pay and send a voucher for an individual to register their membership. The recipient needs to register separately as an individual member to fill-in their membership information.

The membership is active once the membership fee is paid. The purchase will be processed during one week of the purchase, and once processed, the member will receive a confirmation email.