Membership Fees

Membership fee

Membership fee is defined in Euros. You can also pay in your local currency (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) as follows or use the current exchange rates.

Individual memberCompany member
25 EUR 250 EUR
186 DKK 1860 DKK
200 NOK 2000 NOK
225 SEK 2250 SEK

Bank accounts

The membership fee must be transferred to one of the SCANDEM accounts. SCANDEM has separate accounts in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Residents in these four countries pay primarily to the bank in their own country. Residents in any other country are asked to pay to Nordea/PlusGirot in Sweden.

Please observe that this is the only payment method we can accept. If you have any problems, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Denmark Danske Bank Copenhagen 812-5198 (reg. no. 4073) DK59 3000 0008 1251 98 DABADKKK
Finland Danske Bank Espoo 800014-844677 FI71 8000 1400 8446 77 DABAFIHH
Norway DNB NOR Oslo 7877 08 07688 NO65 7877 0807 688 DNBANOKK
Sweden Nordea/PlusGirot Stockholm 6461995-0 SE97 9500 0099 6042 6461 9950 NDEASESS