Travel Grants

Travel grants can be applied for taking part to a SCANDEM congress or other microscopy related meetings, or for visiting microscopy laboratories in order to learn new methods. Travel grants are available for young scientists (PhD students and PhDs up to 10 yrs from dissertation) and technicians who are members of the Nordic Microscopy Society. Membership can be applied together with a grant. Following amounts of travel grants can be applied: up to 500 € for meetings or laboratory visits in Europe, up to 1.000 € for meetings or laboratory visits outside Europe. Grants for participating SCANDEM meetings have priority. A short application stating the purpose, timepoint and costs of the journey with a statement from a group leader and an abstract in case of a congress is sent to the Secretary General by April 30 annually, unless otherwise stated. Travel grant application.

Educational Grants

Educational grants are available for all Nordic Microscopy Society members organizing microscopy courses or for other educational purposes related to microscopy. Educational grants usually are 1.000 €. A short application together with an estimation of the costs is sent to the Secretary General. In case of a course, enclose the course schedule. Educational grant application.


The Board makes the decision of grants in board meeting. Applications should be available to the Secretary General on April 30 annually, unless otherwise stated. Late applications are handled if available prior to board meetings.