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CISCEM 2014 - The 2nd Conference on In-Situ and Correlative Electron Microscopy

CISCEM 2014 - The 2nd Conference on In-Situ and Correlative Electron Microscopy will be held on October 14-15th 2014 in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Conference website: http://ciscem2014.inm-gmbh.de/

CISCEM 2014 aims to bring together an interdisciplinary group of scientists from the fields of biology, materials science, chemistry, and physics, to discuss future directions of electron microscopy research.

Topics will include nanoscale study of biological samples, and functional materials under realistic or near realistic conditions, for example, in gaseous environments, at elevated temperatures, and in liquid.

The conference will provide you with an overview of the state-of-the-art in the field of in-situ and correlative electron microscopy as you can also see on the invited speaker list http://ciscem2014.inm-gmbh.de/program/speakers/

Deadline for submission of a two page abstract with figures is August 29, 2014. The abstracts will be published in Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics (Elsevier).

Materials in Science and Technology 2014 (MIST 2014)

Materials in Science and Technology 2014 (MIST 2014)
October 13-19, 2014, Oludeniz, Fethiye, Turkey

MIST 2014 includes two international conferences and one autumn school:
2nd International Multidisciplinary Microscopy Congress (INTERM 2014)
2nd International Congress on Energy Efficiency and Energy Related Materials (ENEFM 2014)
Autumn International School on Growth and Characterization of Advanced Materials (AISMAT 2014)

SuperSTEM Summer School: Advanced Topics in Aberration-Corrected STEM. 4-7 July 2014, Daresbury UK

SuperSTEM invites you to its 6th biennial Summer School: Advanced Topics in Aberration-Corrected STEM. 4 - 7 July 2014 at the SuperSTEM Laboratory Daresbury UK. More information on the summer school website.

Thermo Scientific Microanalysis Educational Workshops 2014

Thermo Scientific Microanalysis Educational Workshops
Dates and locations available across Europe

Find microanalysis a puzzle or simply need a refresher?  Join our panel of experts at one of our FREE microanalysis workshops at a location near you.  Gather new information or refresh your knowledge on EDS analysis and broaden your skills in chemical analysis within the SEM and TEM.

The  comprehensive program of vendor neutral presentations will cover all stages of the microanalysis experiment:

  • Electron beam interactions and X-ray generation in the electron microscope.
  • Selecting the right X-ray detector for your application.
  • Considerations for energy resolution, solid angle/crystal size, and light element performance.
  • How to properly prepare samples.
  • Best practices for operating the SEM in analysis mode.
  • Qualitative spectroscopy, quantitative analysis, and mapping.
  • Learn how phase mapping and principal component analysis improve large area mapping.
  • The benefits of adding WDS and EBSD analysis to your SEM.

More info and register at www.thermoscientific.com/microanalysisworkshops

IMC 2014, September 7-12, 2014, Prague, Czech Republic

18th International Microscopy Congress in Prague, Czech Republic, 7-12 September, 2014. More information on the IMC 2014 website.