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European Microscopy Congress 2020, August 23-28, 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark

The European Microscopy Congress 2020 in Copenhagen is being hosted by Nordic Microscopy Society (SCANDEM), and organised by the Royal Microscopical Society under the auspices of the EMS and IFSM. On behalf of all of these societies and the Organising Committee, I look forward to welcoming you to Copenhagen from 23-28 August 2020 for what promises to be a really great event.

Prof Klaus Qvortrup, EMC2020 Conference Chair

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EMC2020 Call for Papers

More information at the EMC2020 website: https://www.emc2020.eu/

4th International Workshop on TEM Spectroscopy in Materials Science, June 17-19, 2019, Uppsala, Sweden

4th International Workshop on TEM Spectroscopy in Materials Science is organized on June 17-19 at Ångstrom Lab. The workshop treats, besides spectroscopy in a transmission electron microscope also the field of data and image treatment and tomography. In addition, the Zeiss and Tescan company will have presentations related to the FIB.

For more information about invited speakers, registration deadline and abstract submission, please refer to the following link: http://www.teknik.uu.se/applied-materials-science/research-groups/electron-microscopy-and-nanoengineering/4th-international-workshop-on-tem-spectroscopy-in-material-science/

80 years Electron Microscopy, November 27, 2018, Uppsala, Sweden

Dear friends of Electron Microscopy,

Had you thought that microscopy could image information coming from the space between two atoms. Well, we can do this now!

One of the corner stones to this development was laid 80 years ago by Manne Siegbahn who has constructed the first transmission electron microscope in Sweden. We will celebrate this event with a symposium reviewing the early history but also the current and future developments of the electron microscope and its use.

We cordially invite you to the "80 years electron microscopy" symposium held at the Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala on 27th November 2018.

The event includes a lunch mingle, so please, register for the event by sending an email to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We would be glad to welcome you to this unique event!

The organization team (for questions, comments, contact Klaus Leifer)

Supported by the Swedish microscopy networks/centers ARTEMI, CEM4MAT, UNEM

Program of the event

Microscopy Conference 2019, September 1-5, 2019, Berlin, Germany

Scientific conference chairs:

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Lehmann
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph T. Koch

Organizer: German Society for Electron Microscopy e.V.

The abstract submission is open. More information about Call for Abstracts and Online Program available on the website: https://www.microscopy-conference.de

SCANDEM2019, June 11-14, 2019, Gothenburg, Sweden

Welcome to SCANDEM 2019 - from Atoms to Complex Systems

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the SCANDEM 2019 Conference – the 70th annual meeting of the Nordic Microscopy Society!

SCANDEM 2019 is designed to bring experts, researchers, technicians and exhibitors together from different imaging modalities to stimulate knowledge exchange and the formation of new collaborations. No matter where you are in your career, participating at this conference will allow you to stay abreast of new imaging technologies, learn new techniques, and most importantly, network with colleagues and make new connections. Also, this conference will provide a platform to showcase the life and material sciences imaging research in Gothenburg.

The program will offer an attractive combination of lectures and poster sessions from electron and light microscopy, X-ray to image analysis, with poster presenters selected for short talks. It will also provide excellent opportunities for discussions and informal gatherings. Take the opportunity to challenge your brain, create a new network, and maintain existing relations! The parallel sessions will cover the following topics within imaging research: Imaging across scales/multimodal Microscopy (Correlative microscopy, cryo-EM, X-rays, Imaging Mass Spectrometry, etc.); Vibrational & Nonlinear Microscopy; Live & Fast super-resolution microscopy – Frontiers in imaging of ultrafast processes; Molecular and Functional Imaging; Quantitative high spatial resolution spectroscopy; In situ Microscopy; Artificial Intelligence in big data analysis, and computational microscopy. We hope that you will be able to join us in Gothenburg for what is certain to be a very exciting and educational meeting.

On behalf of the entire organization committee we are looking forward to host you during the brightest time of the year around the Swedish midsummer. We wish you a wonderful stay in Gothenburg!

Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez
Centre for Cellular Imaging, Sahlgrenska Academy
Chair of SCANDEM 2019

More information available on the SCANDEM2019 website.